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The untold spy story of WWI

In 1910 a proposed Alliance between Germany and France (See New York Times Article ) worried Britain so they sent someone to 'sniff around'.

The story is a personal journey of discovery set in the vibrant energy that is Zanzibar. Susan finds herself in the palace of the great Sultan of Zanzibar as private tutor to his children. She immerses herself in the heady experiences of that rich island. From making friends with her personal servant, Subira, to falling in love with Asim, a senior member of the Sultan's court. Susan delights in the discovery of Zanzibar and the discovery of herself. The only shadow being that she was recruited by British Military Intelligence as a spy. That compromises her love for Asim and will eventually cut the silken thread that is her journey into the exotic.

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Nursery Rhymes


Jìn​pào​ English



Challenge 1 Plural nouns 1

brother / brothers - I have only one brother but my friend has three brothers.

brush / brushes - You bought three brushes but I only asked for one brush.

calf / calves - A baby cow is called a calf. Most calves are born in the spring.

dish / dishes - We had so many dishes to wash so we bought a dish -washer.

fox / foxes - There used to be lots of foxes in this wood. Now there's only one fox left.

Gypsy - Gypsy is the name of the horse in the story.

knife / knives - I found my sharp knife in the drawer with the other knives.

leaf / leaves - The wind blew the leaves off the tree until there was only one leaf left on the very top branch.

picture /pictures - I have a picture of my Nan. She calls going to the cinema, "going to the pictures"!

thief / thieves - The first thief got in through a sky-light and then let the other thieves in the front door.



Challenge 14 Apostrophes

Arthur's - Arthur's story = the story belonging to Arthur.

couldn't - couldn't = could not

didn't - didn't = did not

doesn't- doesn't = does not

evidence - The police found the evidence to prove that the man was guilty.

He's - He's = he is

It's - It's = it is

its - The necklace is on its stand. (The stand belonging to it.)

let's - let's = let us

might've - might've = might have

must've - must've = must have