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The untold spy story of WWI

In 1910 a proposed Alliance between Germany and France (See New York Times Article ) worried Britain so they sent someone to 'sniff around'.

The story is a personal journey of discovery set in the vibrant energy that is Zanzibar. Susan finds herself in the palace of the great Sultan of Zanzibar as private tutor to his children. She immerses herself in the heady experiences of that rich island. From making friends with her personal servant, Subira, to falling in love with Asim, a senior member of the Sultan's court. Susan delights in the discovery of Zanzibar and the discovery of herself. The only shadow being that she was recruited by British Military Intelligence as a spy. That compromises her love for Asim and will eventually cut the silken thread that is her journey into the exotic.

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The Jenny Zhu Show will help you understand China





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The Jenny Zhu Show - Peter Bomer and his Soulfire Radio

This week, my guest is Peter Bomer, founder of Soulfire, a radio production company that makes specialized programs about the finer things in life for Chinese listeners. Soulfire's shows are broadcasted in four major cities in China. I have been a part time host there for the past three years. Listen in on Peter's take on running a media business in China.




The Jenny Zhu Show - The Shanghai Literary Festival

This week, my guest is JFK Miller, editor at That's magazine, Shanghai. He is in the studio to talk about the 8th Shanghai International Literary Festival, a blossoming event that celebrates books and writing.


Shanghai International Literary Festival 

TEN YEARS OF LITERARY FEASTING - it's going to be a good one!




The Jenny Zhu Show - A Charming Café in Shanghai

This week my guest is Charles Liao, owner of Voila! Bistro, a charming little café in the French Concession in Shanghai. Voila! has gathered a following for its fresh and delicious crêpes and gelato. Charles and I also talk about identity. Born in Shanghai, raised in the States, how does he see himself and what does it feel like to be in Shanghai?

The Shanghai French Concession

The Shanghai French Concession 上海法租界 was a foreign concession in Shanghai, China from 1849 until 1946, and it was progressively expanded in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The concession came to an end in practice in 1943 when the Vichy French government signed it over to the pro-Japanese puppet government in Nanking. The area covered by the former French Concession was, for much of the 20th century, the premier residential and retail districts of Shanghai, and was also the centre of Catholicism in Shanghai. Despite rampant re-development over the last few decades, the area retains a distinct character, and is a popular tourist destination.




The Jenny Zhu Show - The Dragonfly Experience

My guest this week is Randal Eastman, vice president of Dragonfly, a renowned therapeutic retreat chain in China. Randal talks about how Dragonfly found a niche of serving expat clientele with a quintessentially Chinese flavor. He also shares his experience of raising three kids in Shanghai.





The Jenny Zhu Show - The Guanxi Myth

In today's show, we will tackle the most defining feature of Chinese business culture and society, Guanxi, 关系. John Chan, author of the Amazon bestseller China Streetsmart is back in the studio to bust the Guanxi myth.



The Jenny Zhu Show - Clean Energy in China with Dennis Bracy

Today, we are going to hear how China is adopting clean energy solutions. My guest is Dennis Bracy, the CEO of US-China Clean Energy Forum, an organization dedicated to facilitate Sino-US cooperation in clean energy, 清洁能源, (qīngjié néngyuán). Dennis is also the chairman of the media production company Avatar Studios. He shares his story of working on clean energy issues and producing one of China's earliest sitcoms.





The Jenny Zhu Show - Bean: Volunteering and Making a Difference in Shanghai

Today, my guests are Aimee Haynes and Jingjing Li from Bean. Bean is a volunteering, networking and social group for young professionals in Shanghai. Aimee is the founder of Bean and Jingjing is the current president. Listen to how this 志愿者 (zhìyuànzhě) volunteering organization is making a difference in Shanghai.






The Jenny Zhu Show - The Sherpas Story with Mark Secchia

Today my guest is Mark Secchia, founder of the food delivery company Sherpas. Listen in as Mark discusses how he grew an MBA school project into a household name business in Shanghai and the lessons he learned the hard way.




The Jenny Zhu Show - China Street Smart with John Chan

What does it take to succeed in China? In today's interview, Jenny poses the question to John Chan, author of the Amazon bestseller China Streetsmart and founder of the consultancy of the same name. Drawing on 15 years of business experience in China, John lives by the 'street smart' approach to stay equipped, focused and motivated. What are your thoughts? Share them in the comments section! The very word 'street smart' in Chinese is also worthy of discussion.