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The untold spy story of WWI

In 1910 a proposed Alliance between Germany and France (See New York Times Article ) worried Britain so they sent someone to 'sniff around'.

The story is a personal journey of discovery set in the vibrant energy that is Zanzibar. Susan finds herself in the palace of the great Sultan of Zanzibar as private tutor to his children. She immerses herself in the heady experiences of that rich island. From making friends with her personal servant, Subira, to falling in love with Asim, a senior member of the Sultan's court. Susan delights in the discovery of Zanzibar and the discovery of herself. The only shadow being that she was recruited by British Military Intelligence as a spy. That compromises her love for Asim and will eventually cut the silken thread that is her journey into the exotic.

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Han Yu Test



Enjoy yourself on the beaches of Taiwan and China. This list of common words and phrase will be useful when you go the beach for fun and relaxation. Each entry has an animated image showing the stroke order of the Traditional Chinese characters.

Beach Chair

English: Beach Chair
Pinyin: hǎitān yǐ
trad: 海灘椅
simp: 海滩椅

Beach Towel

English: Beach Towel
Pinyin: hǎitān jīn
trad: 海灘巾
simp: 海滩巾

Beach Umbrella

English: Beach Umbrella
Pinyin: hǎitān zhē yáng sǎn
trad: 海灘遮洋傘
simp: 海滩遮洋伞

Diving Mask

English: Diving Mask
Pinyin: qiánshuǐ miànzhào
trad: 潛水面罩
simp: 潜水面罩


English: Fins
Pinyin: wā xié
trad: 蛙鞋
simp: 蛙鞋


English: Lifeguard
Pinyin: jiù shēng yuán
trad: 救生員
simp: 救生员


English: Ocean
Pinyin: hǎi yáng
trad: 海洋
simp: 海洋


English: Picnic
Pinyin: yěcān
trad: 野餐
simp: 野餐


English: Sailboat
Pinyin: fán chuán
trad: 帆船
simp: 帆船

Sand Castle

English: Sand Castle
Pinyin: shā bǎo
trad: 沙堡
simp: 沙堡